About Us

Mission Statement

Discovering our Faith, Discovering Knowledge, Discovering Ourselves
Our Core Beliefs

We believe that learning occurs best when…

…it is placed in the context of a healthy, caring relationship involving all stakeholders in the teaching/learning process:

  • the school models its work on the life of Christ and our relationship with Him;
  • the focus is on the relationship between the student and the teacher;
  • the school dedicates itself to knowing each individual student well;
  • the community provides a safe and caring environment.

…teachers, students and parents work together to provide a solid structure for learning:

  • teaching strategies respond to and reflect student needs;
  • students are provided opportunities within well designed courses;
  • students find relevance in their work, engage in hands-on activities and participate in an interactive environment;
  • a full curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular experience that seeks to educate the “whole person” is established and maintained.

…a productive attitude of learning permeates the school:

  • consistent, high expectations of the entire school community are communicated and upheld;
  • teachers model learning through professional development;
  • teachers, students, parents and community members are enthusiastic about the school and its programs.