English Language Learning

English Language Learners are students who have a first language other than English and require support with English development. Students will be assessed by an ELL teacher at the junior high level, high school level, or at St. John Reception Centre in order to be placed in the appropriate ESL level of instruction.

Students may or may not progress through one English proficiency level per semester. Depending on factors such as the student’s level of English proficiency upon entering senior high school, background knowledge, literacy in the home language, and intended graduation pathway, it may take more that three years for a student to meet requirements for a high school diploma.

An ESL student may not choose ELA 10-1, EA 10-2, Social 10-1, or Social 10-2 until ESL Level 4 is completed, or the student is at a level 4 prior to registering at Bishop O’Byrne.