Revised Bell Schedule

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Revised Bell Schedule

Due to the steady number of COVID-19 positive cases we are experiencing at Bishop O’Byrne High School, the administration team has reached out to our staff and students and proposed a few changes to the current Bell Schedule. These changes were brought forward as ways to reduce the risk of spread as well to reduce the number of students impacted through contact tracing. 

Staff and students had the opportunity to participate in a survey.  As a result of this community engagement, the following changes will be implemented as of Thursday, November 19, 2020 and effective until the end of Semester I, at which time administration will revaluate.

1.    TA will only occur on Mondays and will be 14 minutes long (this will remove the TA period from AHS contact tracing criteria).

2.    Friday classes will run in succession and students will be dismissed at 1:41 pm. 

        a.    Students are encouraged to eat/snack during their spares

        b.    Students will be allowed to snack in class at the teacher’s discretion

Please continue to pray for all those impacted by COVID-19, especially our staff and students.

Effective, Thursday, November 19, 2020

Monday  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Friday
Tutorials8:20 – 8:50Tutorials8:20 – 8:50Scheduled Meetings8:00 – 8:50
Warning Bell8:53Warning Bell8:53Warning Bell8:53
Period 18:58 – 10:07Period 18:58 – 10:10Period 18:58 – 9:53
Period 210:09 – 11:18Period 210:12 – 11:24Period 29:55 – 10:50
Period 311:20 – 12:29Period 311:26 – 12:38Period 310:52 – 11:47
Lunch12:29 – 1:00Lunch12:38 – 1:10Period 411:49 – 12:44
Period 41:00 – 2:09Period 41:10 – 2:22Period 512:46 – 1:41
TA2:11 – 2:25Period 52:24 – 3:36  
Period 52:27 – 3:36Tutorials3:40 – 4:10  
Tutorials3:40 – 4:10