Shifting Back to In-Person Learning

Shifting back to in-person learning from learning at home

The health and safety of our school community is our priority as we continue to work hard to create an environment where staff and students can interact in positive ways, focus on teaching and learning while reducing the risk of spreading COVID-19.   

As students return to the classroom on Monday, January 11th, our school continues to take the appropriate measures to mitigate the risk of COVID-19.  We are asking all students, parents, and staff to please adhere to the health and safety school procedures put in place – this is a shared responsibility to ensure safety for everyone.

One thing remains true about Covid-19, “The only thing predictable about COVID-19 is its unpredictability”.

Keep the space or cover your face!

Bell Schedule

In an effort to reduce the risk of spread as well as reduce the number of students impacted through contract tracing, we will continue to use the bell schedule that was implemented at the end of November.  TA will only occur on Mondays until further notice.

2020 - 2021 Bell Schedule

Semester 1 & 2

Monday Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Friday
Tutorials8:20 – 8:50Tutorials8:20 – 8:50Scheduled Meetings8:00 – 8:50
Warning Bell8:53Warning Bell8:53Warning Bell8:53
Period 18:58 – 10:07Period 18:58 – 10:10Period 18:58 – 9:53
Period 210:09 – 11:18Period 210:12 – 11:24Period 29:55 – 10:50
Period 311:20 – 12:29Period 311:26 – 12:38Period 310:52 – 11:47
LUNCH12:29 – 1:00LUNCH12:38 – 1:10Period 411:49 – 12:44
Period 41:00 – 2:09Period 41:10 – 2:22Period 512:46 – 1:41
TA2:11 – 2:25Period 52:24 – 3:36  
Period 52:27 – 3:36Tutorials3:40 – 4:10  
Tutorials3:40 – 4:10    

Safety Measures

Daily Health Screening

Please continue to self-screen daily before leaving for school: Updated Alberta Health Daily Checklist  

If student is ill, please keep them home until symptoms subside.  Students who become ill or symptomatic at school will be asked to make arrangements to go home as soon as possible.  If you have concerns, please schedule a COVID test and we encourage you to share the results with the school. 


It is important that everyone wears a clean face mask each day to school. Reusable face masks should be washed daily for sanitary reasons. All students were given two face masks at the beginning of the school year so please remember to bring one each day.  If your student prefers to use disposable masks, please ensure you supply them with a new one each day.  

Designated Doors

Upon arrival at school, students are expected to make their way to their designated classroom using their assigned entry and exit doors. If a classroom is locked, the student waits in their designated area near the classroom until it is accessible.  If a student is on spare, the expectation is that they are in the gathering area, learning commons, assessment centre, or out of the building, and adhering to protocols and expectations.  At the end of their school day, students are to leave the building as soon as possible.  No loitering or gathering inside or outside of the school at any time. 

Lunch Break

Students will be permitted to use the gathering area for lunch as well as learning commons, designated classrooms, gym, and hallways.  No more than 2 per table if students are in these areas and are eating or drinking with mask off.  Physical distancing of 2m is an expectation when mask is off, whether in or out of the school.

South Fish Creek Complex, YMCA, Calgary Public Library are not open to students during school hours until further notice.


Everyone is required to sanitize/wash hands upon entering building, as they enter and exit classrooms, after using shared equipment, before eating and after using washroom facilities.  All desks and tables will continue to be sanitized before and after each class.

Student Learning While in Self- Isolation

We encourage families to communicate to the school if their child has tested positive so that we can conduct contact tracing.  Students are not penalized for being on self-isolation.

If your child is required to self-isolate, learning will continue from home.  Students will need to check the resources posted on Brightspace (D2L) for their classes and are strongly encouraged to email their teachers directly for further instruction and for additional support.

Although the teachers primary focus is on in-person learning they will provide support to the students in isolation when they are able to do so.


Please inform the school via the attendance line (403-500-2103 ext. 1) when your child is absent, or the absence will be recorded as unknown.  Parents may access their child’s attendance through Parent View.  Please see our website and click on tab.  If you are having difficulty logging in or there is an error in the attendance, please contact the school. 

What do these codes mean?

ILL – student is home with regular illness.

PHL – (Public Health Leave) student has been considered a close contact with a positive COVID 19 case and has been directed by either the school or AHS to self-isolate for 14 days.

DBP – parent decision to keep student at home

UNK – absence of student is unknown from the perspective of the teacher reporting.

OTH – other circumstances affect the student’s attendance.

MED – medical appointment

Contact Info

It is important for the school to have updated contact information for parents/guardians and emergency contacts. If you have changes, please contact the main office at 403-500-2103.


Students who borrowed a Chromebook for online learning must return the Chromebook and charger to the learning commons upon returning to school on Monday.

Additional Information

Athletics, clubs, and extra-curricular activities continue to be suspended until further notice.