Shifting to Online Learning

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Shifting from in-person learning to online learning

COVID-19 cases continue to rise across Alberta. Earlier this week, our government implemented new health measures to help address the growing number of cases in our province. The following is a summary of the implications on our Catholic school district and specifically our school.

Starting November 30th, our students will move to online learning.  Students in congregated special education classes will continue in-person learning and teachers will work from school.

  • Students need to follow their normal schedules and are expected to attend each class (this includes Band and Choir).  For example, if a student has Math in Period 2 on Monday then at 10:12am they would be online in Math at that time. After the teaching part of lesson, students may be logged off and work on their assignments until the next class begins.  Each teacher will be guiding their students through this process as it will vary depending on the course.
  • Attendance will be taken in each course.  If your child is unable to attend, it is important to communicate this information directly to the teacher of the specific course.  Please continue to call the school and report all absences to the attendance line as usual.
  • We will be using the following schedule until students return to in-person learning:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Friday
Period 18:58 – 10:10Period 18:58 – 9:53
Period 210:12 – 11:24Period 29:55 – 10:50
Period 311:26 – 12:38Period 310:52 – 11:47
Lunch12:38 – 1:10Period 411:49 – 12:44
Period 41:10 – 2:22Period 512:46 – 1:41
Period 52:24 – 3:36  
  • Students who do not have access to a computer at home are asked to notify their teacher as soon as possible and a chromebook will be assigned to a student.  Parents are required to sign a loan/liability form prior to release of chromebook.
  • Additional supports and resources will be made available to all students.  This will be shared win a separate document on Monday.  We encourage our students to access these as needed.
  • Although there is no formalized TA period, TA’s will be communicating with their students through email.
  • Teachers will post their virtual tutorial times on D2L (Brightspace) and communicate them with their students.
  • School hours remain the same however visitor access is limited.  Please contact the main office for further inquiries and prior to entering the school.
  • School counsellors are available for virtual and face-to-face meetings. Parents and/or students are encouraged to email them directly to schedule an appointment.

Additional Information
December 17th is the last day of classes for all students before Christmas break.  Christmas break, for students, will take place as scheduled (December 18, 2020 to January 3, 2021).  Online learning will continue January 4 – 8.  On January 11th, students will move back to in-person learning.

Parents and students are encouraged to visit for access to a variety of online learning resources such as Google Classroom, Brightspace (D2L), PowerTeacher Pro, Tech Help, Tech Tools and online religious resources.

Thank you to all our students, parents and staff for their ongoing patience and ability to adjust to the frequently changing COVID health measures. By following the direction of Alberta Health Services and the Government of Alberta, we will help slow the spread of the virus.  The full breakdown of the new measures can be reviewed at the following link:

Diploma Exams

  • All diploma exams for this school year will be optional for students to participate.
  • Universities will accept the final grade delivered on the Alberta Education transcript for each completed course, regardless of how that grade was calculated.
  • Students will not be judged differently if they opt-out of writing their diplomas.  All students will be treated the same, whether they write their diplomas or not.

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More information will be provided at a later date.