Parent View

Parents/legal guardians and students at schools across the Calgary Catholic School District have online access to real-time student information including attendance, grades and school bulletins. (Please note that the availability of options varies by school.)

The Parent View is operated through PowerSchool, a web-based application that facilitates student information management and communication among school administrators, teachers, parents, and students.

Benefits of the Parent View:

  • School administrators, teachers, parents, and students can easily stay connected with each other
  • Parents/legal guardians are able to review daily attendance and progress report results
  • Parents/legal guardians are able to participate more fully in their student’s progress

Parents/legal guardians have the ability to create a single login for all students in the family that are attending different schools. Once the account is created, parents/legal guardians can manage account information, link any and all students to the account, and set email and notifications preferences for each student linked to the account. The privacy and security of each student is maintained.

Parent View

Parent View Instructions