The South Fish Creek Complex designates that students are to park only in the student parking lot on the west side of the school, not in any other location on the complex grounds. Students may not park in YMCA/Arena parking lots. Any vehicle parked in a South Fish Creek parking lot will be subject to a ticket from the Calgary Parking Authority.

Parking is limited in the student parking lot. Any student with a valid driver's license can apply for and receive a parking pass. There will be approximately 130 student parking spots available. Parking is on a 'first come' basis. We cannot accommodate parental requests for parking passes for students. Also, student parking passes are not intended for parent use.

Students must clearly display a Bishop O’Byrne parking tag on the rear view mirror of their vehicle at all times when using the school parking lot. Bishop O'Byrne High School and the Calgary Separate School District will not be responsible for any damage to the vehicle while it is on school property.

The student must also sign a Student Parking Agreement, which is kept on file in the Main Office. If a student changes vehicles, they must notify the main office. Students who do not adhere to the rules set out in the parking agreement may have their parking privileges revoked without a refund.

Four hour parking is available on Shawville Link for students who do not have a current year parking pass.