Students learn in a variety of environments—in their homes, schools and communities. Parents, teachers and community members form a partnership to assist this learning. When parents know what children are studying at school, they can provide better home support for their children’s learning. This section of the website is designed to assist parents in participating in their child’s education by fostering an understanding of student learning at each grade level.

We offer a well-rounded, faith-based education in a caring, inclusive and nurturing community to meet each student’s unique needs. In addition to core curriculum programming mandated by Alberta Education, we are pleased to offer our students a variety of supplementary courses, options and services in collaboration with our many community partners. The values of Catholic faith permeate all programming options within Calgary Catholic schools.

Programs offered at schools are subject to change based on budgetary decisions and constraints.  The Calgary Catholic School District's budget for the upcoming school year is typically approved in late spring.