Bishop O’Byrne subscribes to SchoolMessenger, an Automated Notification Service, that can quickly deliver a wide variety of messages by phone, email and SMS text to parents and our staff.It enhances communication within our school community and improves our emergency preparedness.

We believe that good attendance is important to the academic success of students. We will be using SchoolMessenger to notify you by phone and email whenever your child is absent from class.These phone calls are usually made to your home phone in the morning/evening.We will also be using SchoolMessenger to send announcements and emergency messages as required. These messages may go out at any time. If you have a cell phone, you can have SchoolMessenger call your cell to ensure that you personally get the messages.Please make sure your contact phone numbers and email addresses are up to date.

When you receive calls from the system, Call Display shows the phone number from the school or from the Calgary Catholic School District. When SchoolMessenger reaches an answering machine, it plays the message twice in case the beginning is cut off.

Parents can now download the SchoolMessenger Education App on their smartphone to view attendance and manage call information.